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Customer Feedback Edward Hands And Lewis  “Excellent throughout, I will definately use these again, thank you”    Bromets Jackson Heath  “A very satisfactory service. I would certainly use BJH again.”    Birchall Blackburn Law (BB Legal Ltd)  “Very positive, efficient, would use them again.”    Beaumont Legal  “Quick completion, clients would use again”    fwdlaw associates  “Bernice was so helpful and kept the whole thing moving forward really well. Excellent service ”    Ciampa Solicitors  “Excellent service and great communication at a very competitive rate. Highly recommend!”    Chadwick Lawrence LLP  “Excellent service, would especially recommend Jenny Newsum”    Beaumont Legal  “Will deal with you again in the future :-)”    Birchall Blackburn Law (BB Legal Ltd)  “excellent service. highly recommended. Thank you very much.”    Beaumont Legal  “Beaumont Legal and Sarah Holdroyd in particular, were excellent. I would definitely use them again ”    
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Should I use a Newton ferrers solicitor for my conveyancing?

There's no real need to use a solicitor located in Newton ferrers to do your conveyancing. Your whole case can be managed efficiently by post, email and telephone.

Why use a Newton Ferrers Estate Agent?

There is a recent trend of Newton Ferrers home-owners trying to sell their own properties. Many websites now offer services to assist with this, but at, we still believe there is great value in using the services of a good local estate agent to market and sell your property.

Here are some points to consider when deciding whether to find an estate agent to help you market and sell or let your property.

Seek Out Expert Advice

A Newton Ferrers estate agent is qualified to be able to give an answer to any questions or queries that you may have about the buying or selling procedure.

The Right Value

A Newton Ferrers-based estate agent will know the sensible marketing value of a property such as yours, located in your area of Newton Ferrers.

Use An Expert

If you want to have a go at a complex task then it is prudent to get expert advice, or to hunt down an expert to complete the task for you. buying or selling property in Newton Ferrers is no exception to this rule. A significant number of property purchases or sales can prove to be extremely straightforward, but others are not. Should a difficult item crops up as part of the process, you will be glad of the guidance and expertise of your property agent.

Newton Ferrers Estate Agents Are Natural Sales People

It takes a special kind of person to be a good sales person. It requires charisma, a winsome manner, good character, and in some cases attractive looks. These are simply things that many of us lack. Hopefully your local Newton Ferrers estate agent will posses the attributes of a good sales person, and win the sale faster for you and at a superior price than you could manage on your own!

Author: Terry Davies

Selling Tips

Be Realistic With Respect To Current Market ConditionsBe Realistic About Current Market Conditions - Just like the rest of the UK, the property market in Newton Ferrers has been better. You should be sensible with regards to the true market asking price of your house if you desire a quick sale. This might be difficult, especially if you over-stretched yourself on your loan when you originally purchased your home. Think about seeking advice about your circumstances with your local Financial Adviser, and with your property agent to agree a suitable asking price for your property.

Do Simple JobsDo Simple Jobs - Are you trying to sell property in Newton Ferrers? If so, you may want to take a good, objective look around. How many small, simple jobs are there that you haven't bothered getting around to doing? The problem is that we become blind to the small flaws after a while (apart from the ones that annoy us), whereas an observant newcomer to your home will spot them straight away. We're talking about curling wall-paper, or borders just need sticking down; Marks on walls, that need wiping off; Dead flies or dust on a lamp-shade; Dirty windows; Old screw-holes in walls that need filling and touching up. Now is the time to put a day aside to do these little jobs, and help achieve the best price for you property.

Get PaintingGet Painting - Consider some fresh paint. There’s a good reason why new builds in Newton Ferrers are normally presented in magnolia and white. The light colours make rooms look bigger and cleaner. White paint, in particular, makes kitchens and bathrooms look spick and span. Remember, that dark purple that you painted your bedroom in, that you totally love, may not be to Newton Ferrers buyer’s liking!

Be Energy EfficientDo something about your energy Efficiency - If you're marketing your home for sale then Newton Ferrers purchasers will be searching for energy efficient properties, as these homes should be less expensive to run, and simpler to sell later on. A knowledgeable Newton Ferrers estate agency will be able to advise you and direct you to the right resources for converting your house to be increasingly energy efficient. It is a requirement that an energy assessor will come and assess your property for its current and potential Energy Efficiency Score and an existing and achievable Environmental (CO2) Impact Rating. This certificate is required before to taking your property to the market.

Author: Terry Davies

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Stratton Creber
8 Market Street, Yealmpton PL8 2EA
Bettisons Estate Agents
8 Newton Hill, Newton Ferrers PL8 1BG
Luscombe May Estate Agents
8 Market Street, Yealmpton PL8 2EA
Marchand Petit
8 Parsonage Road, Newton Ferrers PL8 1AT

Food For Thought

How much time will the legal procedure take ?
This is perhaps one of our most regularly made enquiries and sadly, there simply is no easy answer because it is dependant on so many different things. The most straightforward type of sale is that of an unoccupied property to a cash purchaser. This kind of transaction would likely take around six weeks to complete (from the time of instruction to when the property changes hands). If the purchaser is in need of a property loan, this could well add an additional number of weeks to the time scale. In the case where the purchaser is also purchasing a property, this could add another few weeks and perhaps even longer if there is a bigger chain of connected sales. Even more delays could come about from mislaid documentation, lethargic Newton Ferrers conveyancers and slow buyers and sellers. A typical completion timeframe is roughly 10 to 14 weeks.
Credit Crunch Bites Hard
The credit crunch has decimated UK house prices. House values have decreased significantly since summer 2008, when they peaked. They fell at their rapidest rate for at least 25 years. They have now started a slow recovery. This is still a good time for first time buyers to consider a purchase, but a worry for property owners with negative equity.

Author: Terry Davies

Customer Reviews & Comments

Lawcomm Solicitors

Lawcomm provided an above average service, without being amazing. At the outset I was contacted by multiple people within Lawcomm, each seemingly unaware that their colleagues were contacting me ' and each asking for completion of various forms (not always the same). After that shaky start, the communication was generally good, albeit reactive only (I had to prompt for updates rather than them coming through unsolicited at any point). Overall a good service, they just need to go the extra mile on customer service.. Client, AL3. Rating: rating: 5 stars December, 2010

Beaumont Legal

Fiona was very good, keeping us informed at each stage of the buying/selling process, even when dealing with less than honest buyers of our property who caused unnecessary and lengthy delays. Would definitely use the service again if ever pluck up the courage to go through the whole house moving process again.. Client, RG25. Rating: rating: 5 stars July, 2011

Chadwick Lawrence LLP

Second time we have used Jenny Newsum and once again very happy with the service!. Client, CB4. Rating: rating: 5 stars October, 2011

Residential Lawyers Ltd

Residential lawyers answered all queries regarding the property and process in good time. I was very happy with the service they provided and have returned to them to manage my next case . Client, NN3. Rating: rating: 5 stars June, 2014

Harding Evans LLP

Purchase moved quickly. Client, RM14. Rating: rating: 5 stars February, 2012

Mackenzie Jones Solicitors Limited

Lynda Stokes was very helpful,especially in the critical days shortly before completion. . Client, CH66. Rating: rating: 5 stars September, 2012